Because sometimes you don’t even know it when your photographer is capturing a moment that you never want to forget.

Peguis First Nation, April 14, 2011. Photo by Wayne Glowacki.

I think every writer, every reporter and every journalist (pick your title: I prefer option the first) loves something a little different about this very strange job that we do. Some people love the digging. Some love the learning. Others just love the obligatory press conference cheese cube platters.

Me? I love the fact that we get to go places most people don’t get to go. That we get invited into places and spaces and situations that most people will never get to see. And that we are lucky enough to go to those places, and get out, and tell the story for everyone who doesn’t get to.

In the end, this is probably the thing that drives me. I love telling other people’s stories. It feels like a gift given to me.

The people of Peguis First Nation were lovely to us today, even with so much on their plate. The assistant flood emergency co-ordinator took us out on a boat ride to survey the damage. It is a strange sensation to look at the curve of the tree-line, and realize you are boating down what used to be a road, only a few days ago. To see a pair of dogs sitting lonely on a porch jutting out over the surface of the waves. Sort of beautiful, sort of sad.

Don’t worry, the pups are getting fed, thanks to a local humane society.

Meanwhile, in other flood news…

Keep up the good work!


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