Today’s post is brought to you by the five-day-kitten I got to hold over the weekend (those are not my hands in the picture). Because look at it. It doesn’t even look like a thing. It just looks like a concept, like a teensy-tiny calico explosion of cute. Its cuteness cannot even be properly registered by the human brain.

Photo by Ruth Bonneville, Winnipeg Free Press, April 23 2011.

While you’re recovering from that stupendous creature of God — which was in attendance for Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue’s adopt-a-thon at a Polo Park-area pet store - I shall move on to tonight’s assemblage of interesting posts gleaned from here, there and everywhere, including some now somewhat-stale Twitter memes that everyone should see.


+ Great idea, awesome blog: one recently-minted Winnipegger explores the city, one jog at a time, with lots of pictures. Love seeing the city through a newcomer’s eyes.

+ One Man Committee weighs in with a superb post on Shaw TV’s new local affairs show, The ‘Peg This Week. (In other news, the Free Press will shortly be renamed The Winnipeg According To Yesterday.)

+ Is there anyone more deserving of winning a Reh-Fit Healthy Living Award than Getty Stewart? I don’t think so. This lovely lady defines what it means to be a community builder — and she has a pretty delicious-looking garden and cooking blog too, for you green thumbers.

+ Love Me, Love My Winnipeg made a difference in the face of one local street, and in the life of one hurting house. Fantastic post.

+ After four months of a painfully silent blog, Policy Frog is posting again. Proof we haven’t lost one of our best bloggers to the Twitterverse?


+ At first browse of these awesome vintage photos of Canadian party leaders, I was glad I didn’t come of age in the 1970s. Then I realized I came of age in the Facebook era, and abruptly stopped laughing.

+ I’m perpetually weary of polls and projections, but the blog is revitalizing my interest in them as we near election day.  

+ Wonkette mocked it, but I still think the video of a group launching a singing protest at an Obama fundraising event is pretty cool. As I noted on Twitter, this is what protest in the YouTube era should look like: tight and bright, bold but outside-the-box. Now they just need to sharpen their message a bit: the protest was against the treatment of WikiLeaks accused Bradley Manning, but it didn’t come through too strong in the wash.


+ Click the squares. Make your music. Paint the sound. This is addictive, hypnotizing, and so delightful.

+ How to Steal Like An Artist. One of the most brilliant blogs I’ve seen on how to nurture, and communicate, creativity.

+ Sparse, poignant and often striking, this Tumblr of newspaper blackout poetry has inspired me to minimize, lately.

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