Because sometimes, when it is the slowest of all slow news days, and when your work email is down because technology is a jerk and you are combing the Forks and braving the throngs of squealing children flooding through the Manitoba Museum, your photog takes one look at a kid posing inside a replica cosmonaut helmet at a really quirky space exploration exhibit, and has an idea.

“I think we just found your blog picture,” he says.

I think we did!

Of course, no matter how much you love your photog, they can’t do much for the smears of mascara you couldn’t clean off your face from the Saturday night before, and for your general eye-bags born of bad genetics and lack of sleep.

Long day, friends. Tomorrow a holiday; I’m working nights. Cheers to everyone I met at last night’s Tweet-up: sorry I wasn’t more outgoing. Every day right now is a bit of a struggle to smile. I miss someone like a hole in the heart, and feeling that way, my first instinct is to run and hide like a hermit.

But Chris D. tells me I should self-promote more. Here’s a start: in a minor blogkeeping note, I have added an email feed. You can receive my natterings directly in your inbox by signing up in the box on the sidebar! Are you not terribly excited by this? I am.

I am the champion of this warming hut.

Photos by my frequent photographic partner in crime, Trevor Hagan.


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